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Grand Supreme and age division winners:
FREE entry into Cover Model and Back cover model contest for any live state Star Spangled Sweethearts pageant.

Star Spangled Supreme:
1 awarded per 30 contestants Choice of trophy, sash, and tiara.

Mini supreme:
1 awarded when above 30 contestants Tiara and Sash.

Division winners:
1 awarded per division Tiara fit for a princess!

1 awarded per division. Tiara fit for a princess!

Awarded to all contestants that do not receive an above award. Gift bag (more prizes may be added)

Prize donations... Supreme/Mini Supremes/Age division winners 2 free photos with paid Supreme entry fees... Runnerups/Optionals... 1 free photo with paid Supreme entry fees...


Grand Tiara

Mini Supreme Tiara

Div. Tiara

Runner Up Tiara
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